The Opens team

Marjolaine Matray, director

Marjolaine Matray joined the Opens team in 2000 as a consultant. She had experienced the agency's professionalism first-hand as a client, when it helped her establish a marketing department at the printing company she worked for.

In 2007, Marjolaine bought Opens from its founders. She continued to work with existing clients (including L'Oréal, EDF, RATP, CCI, CNAV and JC Decaux) and began providing services to new customers: Allianz, Peugeot, the Collège Polytechnique, Les Librairies Privat, Disneyland Paris, Renault Trucks, and more.

She also has an academic career, and is an associate professor at the Sorbonne Graduate Business School where she completed a phD in management on a trustee relationship between sales and marketing. She has given presentations in France and abroad (including in the United States, China, Vietnam, Japan, the Czech Republic, Algeria and Tunisia).

Education is a key concern for Marjolaine. She uses the principles of academic research to convey new, simple and powerful messages: "It's not enough to convey things mentally," she says, "I place importance on experience – on each person implementing new things, in a sort of test lab."

At Opens, she sees herself as a conductor who listens to clients' needs, builds a harmonious team of consultants, sets the right tempo and aims for a perfectly balanced finish with lasting results.

Xavier Chanard, Associate director

Xavier Chanard is a former martial artist and has coached international-level athletes. After studying film, he worked as a television journalist and director, mostly in the medical field. He has also taught theatre.

Using his training in psychoanalysis and sophrology, he helps people and teams to manage change and achieve development goals. He focuses on four aspects of the personality: body, mind, behaviour and speech. He considers himself a “phenomenologist”: he suspends judgement so he can address phenomena with creativity and scientific rigour.

The consultant team

Marjolaine Matray
Xavier Chanard
Fabienne Berger-Rémy
Michel Clavel
Marc Diviné
Brice de Margerie
Camille Jaquet
Anne Julien
Brigitte le Chevallier